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Cooking classes for young and old? At your home or an adequate location - even at your company


  • fundamentals and techniques in the modern kitchen
  • menus which you can realize easily and without any problems at home
  • mutual preparation of a three-course menu
  • with appropriate wine and shared dining
  • theme: sustainability - how do I get the most out of my products (ideal use of all ingredients)
  • product research
  • grocery selection
  • flavoring studies
  • tips and tricks

…and of course: recipes and their selection


(additional module / extension for the beginner class)

Here you can choose between different themes: Fish, meat, vegetarian, sushi.
Optional grocery-shopping-event if desired.

    Example: Meat

  • various types & qualities of meat such as beef, lamb, buffalo or ostrich
  • various parts of meat such as loin, back and tenderloin
  • different classifications such as US beef, Irish beef and their stage of maturity, also how to cook the perfect steak
  • a lot of trivia about the keeping of animals, their respective breed and the quality of their meat
  • tips and tricks and of course recipes


  • is a combination of the previous two classes
  • high-grade products are being used here
  • best meat & fish quality
  • first-class side dishes such as truffle, saffron etc.
  • use of special kitchen techniques, for example: manufacturing of pasta etc.
  • we will be cooking a 4-course-menu together
  • tips and tricks and of course recipes

Theme: Sustainability - how do I get the maximum out of my products.

Kids Cookery Cours

(for kids 7 years and up)

  • teaching kids playfully how to prepare healthy and simple meals (away from pizza and convenience food)
  • baking course in the winter/christmas time for example